Frustrating England

I have loved every minute of this football season up until watching England tonight.

Lacking any threat, any confidence and any energy England frustrated and disappointed in their 1-1 draw with Ukraine.

Rescued by Frank Lampard’s late penalty their blushes were spared in a game most bookmakers had down as a routine win for Roy Hodgsons men.

Long ball football into a player like Jermaine Defoe is such a waste of his real talents and while ball retention was good, too often there was little product with Glen Johnson being the main culprit.

In fact it was only when the Danny’s, Welbeck and Sturridge and Ryan Bertrand were introduced England looked to have any urgency with Welbeck getting the post and winning the penalty.

Yes we are missing players, Rooney, Wilshere, Terry, Cole and Parker to name just a few, but we need to find a Plan B to play without these key players.

Tom Cleverley looked out of his depth against an average team while too much pressure is being put on 19 year-old Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to take England forward.

A negative formation against a team who on paper at least were poorer, is surely not the way to set out?

As soon as England went with a three pronged attack they hit the post, saw a cross flash across the box and they won a penalty.

However England’s next game is with San Marino… A game that England will probably win with ease and like Friday’s game with Moldova will mask England’s real issues.

After that they travel to Poland in a match that already is a must win game.

In World Cup qualifying you generally need an average of 25 points from 30 to go through top of the group, already England seem to be set to make hard work over something that realistically shouldn’t be.

Well… For the third best team in the world anyway…

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Hi, how's it going? My name is Pete I have just got myself one of these blog sites. After completing a degree in journalism I am now on the hunt for jobs, work ex, internships etc so if you want to give me one that would be very appreciated!! On here I will be mostly blogging about sports, mainly cricket and football with some golf and tennis thrown in there for good measure and who knows maybe some personal blogging might get thrown on if anything decidedly nifty happens. Anyway thanks for viewing and happy reading. Pete

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