England v West Indies

So England begin with a win. On paper a result of a five wicket win makes the test look routine for Andrew Strauss’ men.

However it was far from it.

Held up for the majority of the fourth day by Shiv Chanderpaul before being reduced to 57-4 on the final morning by a resolute West Indies side begins to tell the story of England’s laboured win.

I am not sure whether the English press didn’t realise what the West Indies packed, or as usual put England’s expectations through the roof but this was a lot closer than originally was thought.

In fact it would be interested to see what a Windies full strength team with the likes of Chris Gayle, Ramnaresh Sarwan and Sunil Narine could have offered.

Instead we saw a team with little experience, little confidence and little depth, the latter a stark contrast to their number one ranked  opponents.

But if England are that they need to begin playing like it and the sooner the better, Stuart Broad is not going to take 11 wicket in every match, in this test they escaped, against South Africa they will not.

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