Surreal afternoon at the Bank

I was not sure what I was expecting to be honest.

I’d never seen a team fight for their football league survival before and upon leaving Sincil Bank at 5pm today I still had not.

There was an air of inevitability around Sincil Bank before kick-off and during the game that this Lincoln City team were not good enough to stay up on there own.

And on the basis of the 11 games previous where Steve Tilson’s have not won a single game it seemed for the Imps to keep their league status they would need Barnet to slip up at home to Port Vale.

However after a goalless first half at Sincil Bank in which Lincoln missed several chances you got a sense of what was to happen in the final 45 minutes.

As news filtered through of Barnet’s 48th minute penalty the Sincil Bank crowd became hushed as a tentative second half began.

And as they have on so many occasions this season when Lincoln concede they lose the smidgen of confidence they have.

Danny Hylton’s penalty just before the hour mark saw the Lincoln heads drop, the Sincil Bank faithful began to lambast the players not encourage them and what had seemed inevitable before the game was now becoming reality.

Mistakes began to creep further into the Lincoln play and before long they’d conceded again as the 7,932 fans inside Sincil Bank were starting to realise they were on the brink of seeing the Imps seal their own fate.

But the factor of the afternoon I could not understand was the reaction of the majority of people inside the ground.

Few seemed to care about it at all.

Despite warnings throughout the afternoon about encroaching the field at the end of the game a good 1,00o strong mob launched themselves over the hoardings on the first blow of the final whistle.

They seemed more bothered about getting on the pitch and in front of the TV cameras than the fact their hometown club had ended a 24-year stay in the Football League.

And what is more frustrating for the club is that those fans that turned up today regardless of whether their attendance was one hundred per cent to support the club is that they will not be there next season as the club begin life in the non-league.

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